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Why are the cutting edge new products so challenging to design?
One challenge is that design parameters are often opaquely interrelated. This can make the outcome difficult to predict and requires an iterative design process. The consequence is that the final product strongly depends on the product specifications and the initially proposed design concepts.

How can the early design process be improved?
By applying flexible and evolving design briefs - fostering broad exploration of the solution space. Using multi cultural teams – which generate a large number of alternative concepts. Implementing a design metric based decision-making process – reducing risk and improving the prediction of product performance.

What is design quality?
Auditing design literature and awards provides a three level Design Quality Criteria perspective of Strategy, Context and Execution.

A study from Stanford University Center for Design Research shows that performance along these criteria relates to the investor's valuation of companies. Combined with the Concept Attention Profile’s measurement of concepts, a concepts potential can be evaluated and performance prediction significantly improved.

The Concept Attention Profile
The method identified key aspects of designers verbal arguments, mapping these to Design Quality Criteria and providing a lead indicator of performance.
The model’s circular Concept Aspect Profile segmentation, The model’s circular Concept Aspect Profile segmentation, visualizes how users and providers connect at a transactional and cultural point. At the concrete micro level, the user connects to the product through its interface. At an abstract macro level, the user connects to the provider behind the product through their mutual cultural references.

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How to frame design concept arguments?
A recent study from Stanford University Center for Design Research shows that thinking of concepts with a User - Provider dynamic offers metrics for concept decision-making. Thinking of design as a dual interface structure, containing thirteen significant Concept Aspects, - provides a useful reference pattern for detecting superior or merely average design concepts. The Concept Attention Profile provides a reliable lead indicator of a new product's potential for setting market trends and creating value for the corporation’s stockholders.

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