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October 2016: The Business of Design, Innovation and New Ventures

October 2016: When Dominating Cultures Move In And Out

October 2016: “49” Reasons Silicon Valley Cannot Be Cloned

October 2016: [Applied Design Science] - n Design Driven Startups, Inspirational Design Thinking & Design and Risk Valuationh at Pasadena Connect Week

September 2016: Bulging the Pyramid By Building Value

September 2016: The Nordic Model - A Life Lived with Liberty and Happiness

August 2016: Life Inspiring Dream Car

August 2016: The Urbanature Exhibit Celebrating San Gabriel Valley

Jnly 2016: Dean of Academic Affaires at Niels Brock – San Diego, responsible for building capabilities within Design, Innovation, New Entrepreneurial Ventures and Big Data Analytics

July 2016: Using Storytelling to Pitch Startups

July 2016: Petersen's Tribute to the Los Angeles Car Culture

July 2016: Why Our Vanity Slows Down Progress

July 2016: What Can Brexit And Trump Teach Design?

July 2016: An Afternoon at The Broad

July - August 2016: Copenhagen Business School: Two five week courses: Design Driven Startup and Design Driven Organizations

June 2016: How to Make a Great Pitch for Your Startup

June 2016: How to Make a Great Pitch for Your Startup

June 2016: Creative Format for a Creative Conference

June 2016: Silicon Valley Designers: Inspirational Design Thinking presentation

May 2016: Building Dynamic Capability in Design Driven Startups

May 2016: Design Driven Startups from the Heart

May 2016: NASA Worldwide Hackathon

May 2016: BOLD Art Center Symposium for Creative Entrepreneurs: Expert on Entrepreneurship panel
April 2016: Innovate Pasadena - Design X meeting - Inspirational Design Thinking with Soren Petersen

April 2016: Startups - Designing for Triple-Bottom-Line Innovations

April 2016: Applying Inspirational Design Thinking to Tackle Breakthrough Innovation

April 2016: A Startup Design-a-thon Performance Depends on Quantity, Quality and Variety

April 2016: Design Philosophy Driving Breakthrough Innovation

April 2016: A Startup Environment's Influence on Performance

March 2016: Innovate Pasadena - Design X meeting - Design Strategy with Mark Andersen


March 2016: The Big Question in Art

March 2016: Caltech Re-inventing the Toilet

March 2016: Design for Breakthrough Innovation in Startups

February 2016: Errol Gerson's course: Lecture on Inspirational Design Thinking
February 2015: Stanford Center for Design Research: Presentation on Inspirational Design Thinking
February 2015: Innovation Center Denmark / Silicon Valley: Presentation on Inspirational Design Thinking
February 2016: Innovate Pasadena - Design X meeting - Design for non-designers with Chuck Chugumlung

February 2016: Design Philosophy -- Leading Creatives

February 2016: Caltech Enters Electric Vehicle Racing

February 2016: Self-Management Trumps Passion in Design-Driven Startup Performance

February 2016: Design Also Matters to People in the Developing World!

January 2016: Innovate Pasadena: Inspirational Design Briefing presentation

January 2016: How to Use Decision-patterns in Startups

January 2016: Design Philosophy -- Rules of Thumb

January 2016: Technology Brokering in Silicon Valley

January 2016: Innovate Pasadena - Design X meeting - Redesign your life with Tony Luna

December 2015: Tailoring Design Methods to Incremental and Breakthrough Innovations

December 2015: Creating Breakthrough Innovations Through Design With Big and Small Data Analysis

December 2015: Innovate Pasadena - Design X meeting - Fieldtrip to ArtCenter Graduation Show
Startup Weekend November 2015: Pasadena-Startup-Entrepreneurs - Presentation on Design Valuation - Explained
November 2015: Innovate Pasadena - Design X meeting How to incorporate design innovation in business for investor value
PDMA Annual Conference November 2015: Design Thinking book launch at PDMA Annual Conference
November 2015: [Applied Design Science] - Launching of Design Valuation Dashboard on website www.applieddesignscience.org

November 2015: Design Innovation by Design Research

November 2015: Interiors -- The New Frontier of Automotive Design

November 2015: Design Valuation Dashboard Captures the Potential of Design Driven Startups

November 2015: INDEX: Funding High Impact New Ventures

November 2015: How to Manage Innovation With Design Thinking

2015 IDC Eeum Design Connects

Present papers on: Design Incubation Managing Incubation Time In Generation Of Novel Concepts

Present papers on: Using Crowdfunding For Design Driven, New Entrepreneurial Ventures

October 2015: [Applied Design Science] - Presentation on Design Primer and Design X at Pasadena Connect Week
October 2015: [Applied Design Science] - Presentation on Design Driven Startups, Design Valuation & Design Science Research at Pasadena Connect Week
October 2015: Judge in “Epic Failures Competition" at Pasadena Connect Week

October 2015: Do Design Classics Lose Their Shine With Time?

October 2015: Design Driven Startup Cultures

October 2015: How to Allocate Educational Resources

October 2015: Honoring Bryon Fitzpatrick -- As Good as It Gets

September 2015: Integrated Design: A Co-Creation of Business, Design and Engineering

September 2015: Pasadena Startups Bridge Design and Technology

September 2015: Nelson Mandela Poster Project -- Innovation Insights From Open Crowdsourcing

August 2015: Establishing Innovate Pasadena Design Group
August 2015: Participating in the INDEX Award ceremony
August 2015: [Applied Design Science] - Partner with Innovate Pasadena
August 2015: [Applied Design Science] - Launching of website www.applieddesignscience.org
August 2015: Judge on the 2015 Premier’s Design Awards Jury.

August 2015: INDEX: Award -- Show Me the Money

August 2015: The Future of Automotive Design

August 2015: Dashboard Design's Value to Startups and Investors

August 2015: Navigating Risk and Design in Startups

August 2015: Crowdsourcing the Redesign of Capitalism

July 2015: ICED15: Presentation on Design Driven Startups, Inspirational Design Briefing and Design Acumen

July 2015: Art Center Europe's Legacy Lives On

July 2015: The Brutality of Reality

July 2015: Predicting Elite Design Performance

June 2015: Public Access to Startup Investments

Innovate Pasadena June 2015: Innovate Pasadena: Presentation on Design Driven Startups - Performance

June 2015: The Enduring Power of a Portrait

June 2015: The INDEX: Award and Why It Matters for Innovation

June 2015: Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

June 2015: INDEX: AWARD -- Funding International Award Winning Design Startups

June 2015: Stanford Center for Design Research: Presentation on Design Valuation and Venture Capital Vetting

May 2015: Designing a Business, Concept and Ad Campaign in 5 Days

May 2015: When and How to Use Design

May 2015: Redesigning Capitalism for The 21st Century

11th Conference of the European Academy of Design April 2015: Design Design-A-Thon: Unlocking Big Data value potential through Design with small data, present paper on Strategic Comprehension Driving Risk-Taking & Design Performance, present paper on Managing Design Driven Innovation through the use of Design Scorecards

April 2015: Advancing Design by Negotiating on the Merits

April 2015: When Will the Design Innovation Bubble Burst?

April 2015: Do Designers Have a Blind Spot for Market Risk?

April 2015: Media partner with the INDEX Award

March 2015: Four Design Movements that Formed How We Think

March 2015: Design Centric -- What Is It in Practice?

February 2015: Danish Society of Engineers: Lecture on Design Driven Startups Performance
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design February 2015: CIID: Lecture on Design Driven Startup Performance
February 2015: Copenhagen Business School: Workshop Design Driven Startups

February 2015: Best Design Driven Startups of the Decade

February 2015: Matching Organizational Capabilities to Design Execution

February 2015: Passion Creates a Bonanza of Breakthrough Innovations

February 2015: Andy Ogden's course: Lecture on Design Driven Startup Performance

February 2015: Rob Curedale's course: Lecture on Design Driven Startup Performance

February 2015: Errol Gerson's course: Lecture on Design Driven Startup Performance

January 2015: Matching Organizational Capabilities to Design Implementation

January 2015: Is Innovative Art an Oxymoron?

January 2015: Successfully Crowdfunding of Design Driven Startups

January 2015: The Power of Personal Storytelling in Design and Innovation

January 2015: Creative Professionals 'Sleeping Their Way to the Top'

December 2014: Only those who dare . . . truly live

December 2014: Predicting the Success of Design Driven Startups

December 2014: Most Advanced, Yet Profitable Design

December 2014: Stanford Center for Design Research: Presentation on Design Driven Startup performance

November 2014: Startups Integrating Marketing and Design

November 2014: Designing Dream Cars of Immense Beauty and Desire

November 2014: The Sweet Spot for Startups

November 2014: How Sustainable Luxury Can Save The Planet

November 2014: Caltech eClub: Presentation on Design Driven Startups
Innovate Pasadena October 2014: Innovate Pasadena: Presentation on Design Driven Startups
The Clinton Global Initiative

October 2014: Nalanda Public School, Mumbai, India: Lecture on Intuition Biases in Creativity

November 2014: Does Child-like Thinking Produce Innovative Designs?

November 2014: Schmooze or Lose

October 2014: Seven Steps to Apply Design Economically in Startups

October 2014: Design Consultancies -- The Perfect Platform for Launching Startups

October 2014: The Top 10 Challenges of Briefing Designers

May 2014: Errol Gerson's course: Lecture on Design Driven Startup Performance

September 2014: The Danish Culture's Competitive Design Advantager

September 2014: Love, the Glue That Holds Us All Together

September 2014: How Startups Can Apply Design to Create Superior Customer Experiences

September 2014: Unleashing Creativity on Business

September 2014: Startup Accelerator Applying Multisided Crowdsourcing

August 2014: International Design Management Research Conference: Presentation on Three Methods that Creative Talents Could Learn from Designers: Empathic Observation, Group Brainstorming, and Rapid Prototyping

August 2014: Industrial Design Society of America International Conference: Invited speaker on Crowdsourcing Using Professional Networks and New Social Media

August 2014: Your Network is Your Net Worth: Designing Social Capital for Breakthrough Innovation

August 2014: When Designers Get Together -- Creativity Sparks!

August 2014: Multi-Collaborative Virtual Visual Inspiration Boards

August 2014: Design in Startups from the get-go!

August 2014: Design and Incubation - When Does the Muse Finally Speak?

July 2014: Judge on the 2014 Premier’s Design Awards Jury.

July 2014: Design Professionals Building Business Capabilities

July 2014: Bridging Business and Design By Building Experienced-Based Knowledge

July 2014: The Creative Lone Wolf

July 2014: The Perception of Design Performance is a Crapshoot

June 2014: Hot Rods - Extreme Expressions of Speed and Death

July 2014: Stanford Center for Design Research: Presentation on Design Driven Startups

June 2014: Unlocking Big Data's Value Potential Through Design with Small Data

June 2014: Design Briefs' Quality Drive Design Performance

May 2014: Design Thinking - What Is It in Practice?

May 2014: When Design means Business

May 2014: Design Driven Breakthrough Innovation - Realizing & Resolving Contradictions

May 2014: Errol Gerson's course: Lecture on Design Driven Startups

April 2014: The Creative Economy's Impact on Innovation

April 2014: Design: Matching Innovation Types to Organizational Capabilities

April 2014: The Seven Deadly Sins of Design

April 2014: Inspiration Fuel Creativity - An Afternoon at The Huntington

April 2014: International Design Week Down Under

Design Net Denmark April 2014: Launched Design Net Denmark at the AgIdeas International Design Week Conference - Upstairs
Design, Economics, and Innovation

April 2014: Invited to be on the editorial board of the journal “Design, Economics, and Innovation”, published by Elsevier in collaboration with Tongji University

April 2014: International Design Week Melbourne - Keynote speaker at business brunch

April 2014: International Design Week Melbourne- Acedemic session: Gamification in Concept Design

April 2014: International Design Week Melbourne- Design business: Upstairs - Design Science Research

March 2014: California State University Long Beach: Lecture on Gamification in Concept Design

March 2014: B&T Magazine: Predicting the future through design


March 2014: Errol Gerson's course: Lecture on Gamification in Concept Design

March 2014: Rob Curedale's course: Lecture on Gamification in Concept Design

March 2014: Weltanschauung -- How We Think of Things Determines How We Look at Them

March 2014: Gamification Based Decision-Making in Breakthrough Innovation

March 2014: Sustainable Creative Careers

March 2014: What's next for Danish Design?

February 2014: Danish Society of Engineers: Lecture on Gamification in Concept Design

February 2014: Betting Strategies for Breakthrough Innovation Contests

February 2014: Design: The Missing Link in Silicon Valley's Ecosystem of Innovation

February 2014: Design for Startup Companies

February 2014: The Paradox of Breakthrough Innovations

February 2014: Copenhagen Business School: Workshop Bridging Business & Design
January 2014: Stanford Center for Design Research: Presentation on Gamification in Concept Design

January 2014: How Words Shape Perception

January 2014: Influence of Risk-Attitude on Design Driven Innovation

January 2014: Hong Kong Polytechnical University: Workshop on Bridging Business & Design

December 2013: Life: A Participant Sport

December 2013: What Do Designers Want for Christmas?

December 2013: Tricked by Intuition

December 2013: Korean Design - Developing a Design Culture

December 2013: Hong Kong Polytechnical University - DesignEd Asia Conference: Design Criteria And Their Coupling In Concept Synthesis

November 2013: "It's All Feelings, Baby!" - How Is This Reflected In Design?

November 2013: The Future of Rapid Prototyping

November 2013: Accountants & Designers: Creating Value Together

November 2013: Design Scorecard for Incremental & Breakthrough Innovation

October 2013: Most Beautiful Design of the Decade

October 2013: Are We Having Fun Yet?

October 2013: Star Designers Flying Under the Radar

September 2013: Breakthrough Innovation: For People Without Reason and Accountability

September 2013: The Art of Public Speaking

September 2013: International Science Design Research

September 2013: Why Designers and Engineers are a Match Made in Heaven

August 2013: What Can African Design Teach Us?

August 2013: Design and Knowledge Creation

August 2013: The Future of Industrial Design

August 2013: The Design Puzzle -- Pieces to Focus on and How All Fit Together

August 2013: ICED13: Design & Business Model Experimentation

August 2013: ICED13: Crowdsourcing in Design Research – Potentials & Limitations

July 2013: Designers' Strategic Comprehension Can Foster Overconfidence and Gambling Behaviors

July 2013: Design Brief -- Prescription Without Diagnosis Is Malpractice

July 2013: Dessert-Design -- The Art of Touching All Five Senses!

July 2013: Your Design Performance May Be Better Than You Think

July 2013: Design, Technology & Innovation Management - Korean Style

Innovation (IDSA) July 2013: Strategies for Bridging Business and Design
June 2013: Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

June 2013: What Creative Cultures Encourage Design Excellence?

Sogang University May 2013: Sogang University, workshop: Design Tasty Dessert: The Art Of Touching All Five Senses!
May 2013: Entrepreneurship Driven by Design

May 2013: Luck as a Competitive Advantage in Design

May 2013: Springtime in Seoul - The Design Revolution

May 2013: Is Design the New Opiate for the Intelligentsia?

April 2013: KAIST University: Guest Lecture on Crowdsourcing Design Research
April 2013: Learning to Rely on the Kindness of Strangers

April 2013: Radical Classic Sustainable Automotive Design

April 2013: Anti-Fragile Design Thinking

April 2013: Creative Design Leadership for Open, Dynamic and Networked Challenges

Korean Society of Design Science March 2013: Archiving Design Research: Book Chapter on Crowdsourcing Designers' Insights Into Collaboration
March 2013: Kookmin University: Guest Lecture on Crowdsourcing Design Research
March 2013: Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityAttending Symposium on International Design and Business Management
March 2013: Strategic Design Statements and Their Unquestioned Paradigms

March 2013: Design’s Secret Agents, - The 007’s of Tomorrow

March 2013: Design Performance, Risk Perception & Preferences

March 2013: Visiting Professor at Hangyang University Graduate School of Technology and Innovation Management

February 2013: Workshop: Design & Business Model Experimentation, Crowdsourcing Research, Design Strategies & Inspirational Design Briefing

February 2013: What Can Design Learn From Gangnam Style?

February 2013: Culture as a Competitive Advantage

February 2013: Design & Organizational Renewal

February 2013: California State University Long Beach: Lecture on Design & Business Model Experimentation
January 2013: Open Innovation 2.0: Innovation Partnerships -- The New Opportunities in Mass Collaboration

January 2013: Boys and Their Toys -- Visiting the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

January 2013: Is Innovation a Path or a Goal -- It Is All About Meaning and Sense-making

December 2012: Integrating Sustainability in Business Model Innovation

December 2012: The Biggest Challenges for Students of Design

December 2012: DTU/IPU Product Development Day presentation on Applying Crowdsourcing in Design Research - cases from Europe & the US?
November 2012: The 10 'Rules of Acquisition' for Designers
November 2012: Evaluator in Art Centers' Business Management and Entrepreneurship course
October 2012: Optimizing Design, Design Research and Innovation Through Collaboration

October 2012: What is Art?

October 2012: European Design -- What Are They Doing Right?

September 2012: Advances in International Marketing: Improving Collaborative Concept Evaluation Using Concept Aspect Profile

September 2012: Open Innovation -- A Competitive Advantage for Design & Design Research

September 2012: Understanding Trends and Catching a Wave in the Marketplace

September 2012: Design Engineer (Designingeniøren)
August 2012: Article for DMI on Design Insights from User Research and Crowdsourcing
sramana mitra August 2012: Design & Social Entrepreneurship
Fraunhofer Institute August - October 2012: Visiting researcher: Design & Business Model Experimentation
August 2012: High Tech Knowledge Brokering

August 2012: The Little-Known Secrets of Latin American Design

August 2012: Strategies for Design Expression

August 2012: Building Design Experts, Managers and Leaders

August 2012: Innovative Thinking in Design Education

July 2012: Design and the U.S. Economy

July 2012: The Power of Metaphors in Design

July 2012: Co-Design in Innovation

July 2012: Design & Social Entrepreneurship

July 2012: NSF Engineering Research and Innovation Conference: Participant in panel discussion on "Design's Role in the U.S. Economy"
sramana mitra June 2012: Design and Business Model Creation
June 2012: Design Driven Branding

June 2012: Growing Up and Living in a Creative Economy

June 2012: Where is Asian Design today?

June 2012: Dyslexia and Creativity

June 2012: Creating a Paradigm Shift in Animal Sheltering

June 2012: Design and Business Model Creation

June 2012: Stanford Center for Design Research: Crowdsourcing Design Research presentation.
May 2012: Designed in the USA -- Selling the American Dream

May 2012: Royal Creation of Art and Design by Queen Margaret II of Denmark

May 2012: Jazz: A Cross Cultural Jam Session

sramana mitra May 2012: ROI on Design and Risk Reduction
April 2012: What is a Design Expert?

April 2012: Design a Creative Life -- Balancing Reality and Aspirations

April 2012: Design Metrics -- Is It Possible to Optimize Design for Innovation?

April 2012: Reinventing Health Care: The Design and Investment of the Millennia

March 2012: ROI on Design and Risk Reduction

March 2012: Design Briefs Advance Performance

March 2012: Scandinavian Design

March 2012: A Director of Photography and His Creative Angle

February 2012: "Crowdsourcing: Leverages the Inherent Human Social Behavior of Reciprocity"
February 2012: Business Strategies for the Creative Economy

February 2012: Designing With Marginalized Users

February 2012: Enhanced Design Research Performance Through Crowdsourcing

February 2012: Thinking Inside the Cube

February 2012: AAG Anual Meeting, presentation of "Working with Freedom: Learning about innovative risk mediation strategies from entrepreneurs in creative industries"
January 2012: Saving The World One Art Poster at a Time

January 2012: How Journalists Can Help Design for Peace

January 2012: Building Dynamic Capabilities Through The Use of Design

January 2012: Do Clothes Make the Man?

December 2011: Stop and Smell the Roses

December 2011: A Vision is a Dream With a Deadline

December 2011: South Pasadena's Perfect Storm

December 2011: Best and Worst Design of the Decade

December 2011: Gaining Early Cultural Insights Into Complex Design Challenges Though User Participation and Crowd Sourcing design research projects.
December 2011: How Marketing Sees Design And Design Sees Marketing design research project.
November 2011: Creative Fonts Capture Your Heart, Mind and Imagination

November 2011: Strategies for Alternative Fuel Vehicles

November 2011: Art That Inspires

November 2011: Creating Paradigm Shifting Insights Using Co-Creation and Crowdsourcing

November 2011: What Designers Say About Marketers

November 2011: Industrial Design Society of America Los Angeles OC lecture on design thinking and how to reframe the design process.
October 2011: PDMA Academic Research Forum. Presenting on:

- Improving Collaborative Concept Evaluation using Concept Aspect Profile Method.

October 2011: Stanford Center for Design Research: Inspirational Design Briefing.
October 2011: Stanford Center for Design Research: Crowd-sourcing Design Research using Social and Online News Media.
October 2011: How Marketing Research See Design

October 2011: Music Stylist - the Commercial Effec You Can Hear and feel

October 2011: Creativity in Animal Rescue

October 2011: When the CEO Pioneers Profitable Design

October 2011: Sustainability and Behavioral Change

October 2011: Kookmin University: Lecture on "Design a Competitive Advantage."

September 2011: Designing New Financial Instruments

September 2011: Designers With a Stake in Design

September 2011: Design for Meaning

September 2011: Design Taste Cross Cultures

September 2011: Questioning Economic Growth and Happiness

sramana mitra August 2011: Profit from Design: Leveraging Design in Business

August 2011: International Conference for Engineering Design, Copenhagen. Presenting on:

- Design Driven Portfolio Management.

- Business Informed by Design.

August 2011: The Economy of Designing Peace

August 2011: The Value of Creative Mentors

August 2011: Government Leaders And Creativity

August 2011: Article for DMI on Inspiring Design - Informed by Metrics
July 2011: Invited to write for The Huffington Post Business-The Creative Economy

July 2011: What is Good Design?

July 2011: Launching the Stanford Design Quantification Lab initiative
July 2011: Lecture at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, on Design Thinking.
July 7 2011: Article for DMI on Design Philosophy Drives Product performance
July 2011: Publish "Profit from Design - leveraging design in business

Most companies barely scratch the surface of what design can deliver to their bottom line, while corporations that do understand how to leverage design create huge sustainable progress. The business of design is not just for providing a final touch of “expression” but to define the quality of the user’s experience for optimum business profitability. There are few corporations in the world that successfully accomplish this today and profits suffer as a direct result.

The design-leader, Apple, invests about five percent of its revenue in design, and for them, this is a very good investment. Apple’s stock value outperforms its peers by one thousand per cent. In 2010, the firm’s value surpassed that of Microsoft and the value of their design effort represents eighty billion dollars of the company’s current two hundred and forty billion dollar valuation.

“Profit from Design,” teaches your team how to simplify their job while outperforming their peers by using repeatable metrics that match nine Design Quality Criteria linked to a product’s innovation characteristics.

Integrating design criteria into business plans and portfolio management up front, these cutting edge scientific methods then establish and translate strategic opportunities into inspirational design briefs and new superior concepts.

These methods were developed together with Stanford University and top tier corporations over a seven-year period. They have now been successfully implemented on multiple projects from consumer products to automotive products and have been published in seventeen scientific papers and articles for international conferences and journals.

 The methods used in Profit from Design allow for the prediction of a concept’s trendsetting and financial performance in the marketplace and help leaders to quickly select the most promising and financially viable concepts for final development.

June 2011: Hasso Plattner Design Thinking Research Program Workshop.
May 2011: Harvey Mudd Design Workshop presentation on:

- What Designers Can Learn from Artists & Architects About the Philosophy within Conceptualization accepted.

April 2011: I ndustrial Design Society of America Los Angeles OC lecture on how to translate business plans into inspirational design briefs.
March 2011: Peace Innovation Journalist Challenge: Pilot project concluded.

February 2011: Review of our research on integrating design consideration in business and communicating key criteria through the business plans and design briefs, with industry and academic partners in the Bay Area.
December 2010: Reviewer at Otis College of Art And Design.
November 2010: Lecture at the Art Institute, North Hollywood on Human Factors and Design for Emotions&Meaning.
November 2010: Review of our “Design Driven Portfolio Management” method with seven universities and consultancies (UC Berkeley Haas, Stanford CDR, California College of the Arts, Curedale Design, Caldwell Design, Compass Strategy, Montermose Associates, BMW Group DesignworksUSA, Continuum and SKD).
October 2010: Lecture at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, on the inspirational design briefing.
October 2010: Presenting paper on “Design Briefing for Emotions & Meaning” at the IIT Design & Emotion Conference in Chicago.

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