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We offer evidence-based objective quantification of industrial design. In constructing the design brief, it is Criteria for it's “Design Quality Ambition.” Both the proposed design involvement and the resulting potential contribution to the business are measured.

In the subsequent conceptual phase of product development, the designer's thoughts behind the concept, or “Objective Concept Attention” are captured and visualized. This facilitates a content-independent evaluation, with a comparison and selection of concepts for further refinement.

Throughout the process, regular evaluations of the proposed design solution prevent diversions of perception and assist in aligning the development effort.

The Concept Attention Profile is a measurement of a concept’s focus on thirteen key success aspects in a designer’s concept argument. Developed at Stanford, it is a proprietary coding procedure applied to a designer’s reasoning. Using an open-ended interview guide derived from the Industrial Design Excellent Award application. For consumer products, the resulting profile provides a lead indicator for investors’ expectations and the concepts future trendsetting ability on the Web.

Design Quality Criteria framework establishes the comprehensiveness of the proposal and the project’s level of ambition. Design Quality Criteria is measured using the Design Quality Criteria analysis.

This analysis is based on nine established industry success criteria and directly relates to revenue and overseas export, as recognized by the Danish “Design Ladder” [Danish Design Center, Copenhagen].

For more information contact: soren.petersen@ingomar.net or see resume

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