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Bridging business and design - creating progress though project driven innovation

Our specialty is bridging business and design by translating business ideas into actionable design concepts for sustainable progress. Driven by design research, design strategy and decision-support methods, organizations are assisted in developing and integrating design criteria into their business plans. After evaluating and selecting the best plans, these are translated into inspirational design briefs for creating comprehensive and effective design concepts. In order for business ideas to inform design concepts they must first be communicated effectively to the creative team or they will just remain in the realm of ideas. We make that happen in a way that easily translates into successful and profitable projects for the organization.

Our methods

- Business plans informed by design

- Design driven portfolio management

- Inspirational design briefing

- Crowdsourcing

Founded on cutting edge scientific design research, our work is based on extensive data analysis from industry and we optimize the process from business idea to concept.

Integrating design at a business and innovation level to:

- Align portfolio strategy risk & return

- Reduce budget risk by 60%

- Improve team performance by 30%

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